7 comments on “Studio Update, Aquablight

  1. Looking good. I am liking the scheme, and it seems your painting is getting a bit better. The only thing I see that could use some work is the aqua part on the legionnaires needs a bit more definition. The highlights and shading are too close to the base color. You might want to push the shadow a bit darker. All in all it looks good, and the color choice will look striking once you get the whole army done. It would look great on a table all laid out.
    Thinking more about the aqua, I think it depends on how much time you want to put into the mini to make it different. I only say that because if it were for display, I would spend as much time as I could per mini. But I know you are using these for gaming, where you need to get an army out and on the table. I have a hard time deciding how much time I put into a mini. Anyways, good looking model, and liking the color scheme.
    Oh yes and make sure Libby gets plenty of pets!
    -Bearded Dwarf


    • Thanks, BD. Strengthening the shading on the aqua is a common comment, so I’m definitely going to look at doing that. I’m hesitant to push the highlights on the armor into white, I want to keep that fairly exclusive to the bones and chitin. I may see about mixing some of the Arcane Blue and white though.

      As for speed, my goal is to get stuff painted to a tabletop standard quickly, and then go back in and detail them to a higher standard once I have a painted, playable army.


  2. A miniature without flaws will spontaneously manifest them the moment a camera is directed toward it.

    The minis hate us, and are trying to destroy us through mild embarassment.


  3. You nearly killed me via heart attack with the painting exchange next week line. After I found the paddles and got a shot of sweet electricity I checked the calendar and found I have the roughly week and a half left that I’d planned on. Now your date notation makes more sense, but holy close call Batman.

    More on topic, those are some fine looking blighters. Legionnaires are a bit dull up front since they’re mostly armor, but the aqua gloves give a bit of pop. What about a gold…crosspiece? The technical term eludes me for the decorative bit where the blade meets the hilt. I think a little warmth on the front would be a nice addition.


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