4 comments on “State of the ‘Zoid

  1. I like your table idea!

    I also was trying to create a “different” experience with our table rather than the standard terrain setups.


  2. Been working on a Hasslefree model for a competition over at WAMP.

    I’ve otherwise been distracted by playing Remember Me. Its a gorgeous game, even if it does forcefeed you into following a single path.


  3. Additionally, my fingers were bleeding and sore from all the hobby knife cuts from working with plasticard, so I needed a break.

    Entirely the wrong attitude, young man. You need to keep working, and keep cutting your fingers to ribbons, until the skin heals over into an impenetrable carapace of gnarled, calloused skin that is impervious to harm. Stop now, and your fingers will take the opportunity to slack off, shedding whatever progress they’ve made and reverting to their soft, pink natural state.

    Don’t let your fingers win, Pete. And if you have to sacrifice one to show the rest how serious you are, then so be it.


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