6 comments on “[Studio Update] Armored YT-1300 Commission

  1. This is awesome. I had been kicking around the idea of making the up-armored Y-wing as a conversion, and now I’m pretty inspired to go try it.


  2. Wow, very cool!
    I have been looking at the X-wing game, but now that they are coming out with Armada with the capital ships…. I was unsure when X-wing first came out, I saw the prices and knew they were pre painted. I was stupid and assumed it was a rip off, but seeing the ships up close they are really well painted for pre paints. I have been looking for another game to replace Battle Fleet Gothic, and the Star Wars: Armada will hopefully scratch the large ship space battle itch.
    I do think I will pick up a Slave I from X-wing, just because.
    Anyways… How does converting for X-Wing work? Is it allowed? Is that the only way you can get different ships? Just wondering if it is for the game, or just for personal preference.
    -Bearded Dwarf


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