2 comments on “Vallejo Game Air – New Airbrush Paint Line!

  1. I saw this video as well and thought the review was pretty good. I only have one Vallejo air paint and its okay, but I don’t have anything to compare it to.

    My favorite paint lines are P3 and Reaper. I have the Vallejo Game Color suitcase, but I don’t use them much as the paint rubs off too easily and some of them act funny if they’re too watered down.


  2. The video looked pretty good, I am planning on trying out a couple of the colors when they come out. I won’t buy them all at once, as I almost did with Badger’s Miniataire paints. Thankfully, I only got a couple and trued them out, they really are not something I liked, for either airbrushing or paint on. I am hoping this one comes out well, as I could use a paint set made for airbrushing.
    My favorite paint line is still Vallejo Model Color. For me it is a great benefit, as I mostly paint historical miniatures, and their selection is great for that very purpose. I do have some of the Vallejo Game Color line, and am okay with them. I like their color choice, but I infrequently get bad batches of paint. Either they are too thin, and don’t mix, or the finish is different per bottle. I need paint lines that are going to have very little variation between paint bottles, and Game Color I can’t really rely on. I have the whole P3 line, that I use for my fantasy/steampunk/sci-fi paint jobs. I basically use Model Color for historical, and P3 for everything else, there is some cross over, but those are usually browns.
    So all in all, I hope this new line works well, and would like to get the whole set, just not until trying it out.


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