8 comments on “[Fun with 40k] Plarzoid’s Dark Angels

  1. If I remember, I’ll bring my bits box to NOVA- I have a ton of Dark Angel stuff in there, so you can really encrust them in iconography.


  2. While I’m not 40k player I’d say 2 or 4. If you go with too much red you start running into other chapters and not carrying that DA feel IMO. 2 and 4 have some nice variation but still have plenty of the signature green although I think they are similar to the schemes associated with some DA successor chapters but don’t hold me to that.


  3. I really like the stock DA colors but if you’re going for something different then I vote for number 4, but in Red instead of Green. Cuz I’m a sucker for deep red. Then post what colors you use so I can get the same deep red and use it for my Menoth… =)


    • If I go red, it’ll be using the P3 line, probably focused around Sanguine Base and Skorne Red, using purples and blues to shade.


  4. Overall, number 4, closely followed by 3. However, having some cool dark red elements would help set your army apart – maybe take the red fists or bottom half of the legs to represent this force’s representation of the blood of the fallen they’ve taken. Maybe work it into your force’s fluff that the only DA’s allowed are those who’ve actually killed one of the fallen.


  5. In my own earlier attempt to do bone color on my Dark Angels, I’ve found it problematic to apply. My painting skills are no where even close to advanced as yours, so I will assume you can tackle that.

    That being the case, I vote for #4 or a non-symmetrical variant. I like the idea of more equal portions of bone and green, but am curious about how it would look with alternating green and bone arms/legs. Can the bone be done with a heavy wash to darken it up (to make it look grittier)?

    Other than that, I feel the red might be too easily mistaken for another chapter. I knew a guy who used a largely white scheme to paint his Space Wolves and he was constantly having to correct people over them not being White Scars.


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