5 comments on “[40k] Tau Firewarrior

  1. Pretty much do what you do. I have a lot of irons in the fire atm, so I often feel the need for a “win’ but doing a single model to finish.

    This Firewarrior looks great though! What other projects do you have?


  2. A win is always great. I paint something entirely different or just a model for fun with no real intent or design behind the model, nor really caring how it looks as its just for me. This has oddly enough sometime resulted in some of my best looking models.

    Other times I go back and look over different art books, websites, or videos for inspiration or just for the mental break. I used to use computer games, but those sometimes end up taking over my spare time I’d rather honestly be using for painting! 😀

    Failing that, I’ve found that group painting is a fun nonstress way to help, though I haven’t done that since the last time I saw you at G&S. I like to see other people paint and socializing is fun too. Maybe a quarterly painting party/get together is in order?


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