4 comments on “[Fun with 40k] Origins: LynchPin’s Tau

  1. Hyped!

    I’m torn between a couple of your choices! The Trigger happy, multiple chain gun wielding lunatic is always a classic, but Yep, I’m Tau and I’m punching you directly in the face. With my Power Fist. could make a great HQ idea (fluff wise). I also find Got run over by a tank once and I have scars to prove it. could be a kinda funny idea in that it’s this dude that constantly suffers some fatal injury but keeps coming back.


  2. The Power Fist guy is so super troll-y I think I’m going to have to avoid it since I don’t think I’ll be able to play games and breathe at the same time from the laughing. I can’t wait to punch a hole in a Talos or Land Raider!


  3. The Power-Fister is a sweet concept, but I’m partial to the drone-controller myself. Very cool concept–the suit-guy zipping around playing with an Ipad while his drones do all the work. Could be a cool HQ choice in the future too, being more of a commander-type than a fighter.


  4. That’s true too. There’s also the added awesomeness of conferring his BS to the drones.


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