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As the 40k bug continues to nibble away at my painting time, I find myself looking for painting videos for inspiration, tips and other nuggets of knowledge.  This video is a good hour and a half long, but goes into loads of detail on how to do what I call the “base wash base” method of painting. This method produces above tabletop quality paint jobs, and requires only two to three different size brushes and having some decent brush control (being able to “paint inside the lines”). SS82’s method is quick and can easily be applied to just about any miniature.

It’s been a slow week or two here on the blog, but not so in the studio.

I’ve had several projects on my desk after the move and subsequent setting up of the new studio (in no particular order…):

  • Relic Knights was delivered, and I wanted to get a starter set assembled and ready to try some games
  • [Fun with 40k] has rekindled the dormant parts of my brain that never stopped loving GW models
  • A few locals have been following Infinity’s V3 rules release closely, plus Spud’s been doing some cool Infinity stuff recently…
  • I need to get a pair of models finished for Clash for a Cure before August is over

As I sit at my desk, I feel a little like this:

This last weekend, I got out the airbrush and got a fair bit of the macro work on everything done.

I use my Grex with a 0.3mm nozzle for priming and base coats, before switching to my Sotar 20/20 with the 0.2 for detail work.

I only have one “finished” model to show you… Continue Reading

My buddy recently found an old flash drive of mine from college, and on it were a few pictures of my Space Marines.  These aren’t the first models I painted, but they were some of the last I was working on before I switched to Warmachine & Hordes.

If tomorrow’s post goes as planned, this will be an interesting marker of how I’ve improved in about 7 years or so.





See how bumpy the paint looks? That’s not thinning the paint and using way too many layers. Additionally, while I had good brush control and painted “inside the lines”, there’s no purposeful shading or highlighting, save a little on the black. Look at that black lining though… That was all done manually with watered down black paint, if I recall correctly…


Schnauzerface got his hands on an advanced set of new Vallejo Game Air paints.  He explains in the video that this is a sub-set of the Vallejo Game Color (VGC) line, all re-formulated with finer pigments and thinned down for use in an airbrush.

With 48 paints in the line, and an MSRP (according to The War Store), the entire set will likely retail for $150.

Needless to say, if they’re as magical as Schnauzerface says, I’ll be hoping for a set to appear under the Christmas tree…

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