11 comments on “[Relic Knights] Shattered Sword & Noh Unboxing

  1. So when do you want to get that game in?!

    Also that’s cool, they gave you five different sculpts of the Swordsmen. The Black Diamond mook guys was typical WM/H 3 unique sculpts (1 leader, 2 for each grunt).


  2. I’m interested in Relic Knights for sure, and I’m keen to see you and volt_ron do some gameplay videos. I saw one over a year ago, and it piqued my interest, but not enough to jump on the Kickstarter. I also never really found a faction that appealed to me as a whole; I liked individual models from all of them, but couldn’t pick one.

    Do the Shattered Sword first 🙂


    • Shattered Sword, noted.

      I’ve watched the old gameplay videos, and I think they’re now out of date. I think Volt_Ron and I will have to muddle our way through the first few games and see what kinds of feedback we get from the viewers on what we did right / wrong. Kind of like Watch It Played does it.


      • That’s good to know. Hopefully it hasn’t changed too much, because I liked what I saw. I do like the idea of a ‘Watch It Played’ style video – that would be great.


  3. Good stuff. I’d say do the shattered sword first…..

    This may be from a selfish point of view though seeing as I pick up black diamond, doctrine, Noh, and star nebula from the kickstarter and I kinda wish I got shattered sword too


    • Oh, I wanted ALL THE THINGS too, but in the end, I had to decide on two. I did, however, allow myself to get EVERYTHING for those two, so I have the Darkspace Models and all the Officers, etc.

      So far, that’s 2-0 Shattered Sword…


      • Oh I’m upset I didnt get the darkspace for Noh and Doctrine (I did get Star Neb) but I got the two good models instead. When you get a chance can you post pics of your darkspace minis?

        Maybe get a game or two in at Templecon ’15?


  4. Wait, so your kickstarter didn’t come with the associated relic knight???

    I could have sworn the 2 box level came with the RK, the QK, and a bunch of stuff from the faction……


    • They are included, but not in the “Starter” boxes. They’re a separate item, in a separate box. They did this for Starter Box balance reasons, apparently.

      No matter what, you got all the models they said you would get. They just packaged them up in a different way than they had originally intended.


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