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  1. I’m with you on Mark Hamill as the Joker for favorite villain, but my favorite superhero is Dr. Manhattan, of Watchmen fame. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I think that’s part of the appeal.


  2. Favorite superhero is easy: Spider-Man. He’s the most “human” of superheros, he’s just a guy trying to do the right thing. He’s truly the people’s Champ (unless you’re JJJ).

    Favorite Villian is a bit harder. There are so many great ones, but I think Joker will always come out on top. It’s the unpredictability and his irredeemable IDGAF attitude. Mark Hamill’s voice will always be Joker for me too. Although Heath Ledger’s really nailed it too.


  3. I too have a soft spot for the Joker, in whatever incarnation. Heath Ledger was fantastic, but I played through Arkham City recently and was reminded just how far Mark Hamill knocks it out of the park. That laugh gets me every time, and the sheer character that exudes from his giggling is amazing. I also really like Magneto and Apocalypse, for different reasons.

    As far as favourite hero goes, for me it’s a toss-up between Batman, Spiderman, and the X-Men (specifically Beast and Gambit). Mostly that’s the influence of the cartoons of the late 80s/early 90s. But I generally like Batman because he has no powers at all. He’s smart, focused, and dedicated, and he never stops trying. Frequently he shows how intelligence and careful thought can overcome brute strength. Spiderman I enjoy for his ‘normal guy’ angle, and the fast-talking wisecracks. The X-Men are great because of the political undercurrent to the whole thing re oppression and the treatment of minorities, and their struggle to do the right thing by everybody, not just their own people.


    • Oh, I forgot to say. That lootcrate thing looks fantastic. It’s a shame that postage to the UK doubles the cost 🙁


  4. Who’s your favorite villain?

    That’s a hard question. I don’t know that I have just one. I’ve always been fond of

    Who’s your favorite Hero?

    Green Lantern(s). I love the idea that the more powerful your imagination, the more things you can make/do. Second favorite would be Moon Knight. Yeah, he’s a blantant Batman rip off, but he’s got more interesting background and is just different enough that you can forget he’s a Batman ripoff. Sadly, he’s one of Marvel comics long list of B grade heroes. A close third would be Ghost and Hellboy both from Darkhorse Comics. Hellboy is much more than the movies (which were a lot of fun). The original Ghost series has been the best so far, not a huge fan of the current series, which hasn’t been all that well written so far.

    If your favorites are from or have comic books, what would you suggest as a starting point into that character’s story?

    Ugh. Honestly, I’m not sure anymore. The Green Lanterns all have lots of background, but starting with the new series would be a good jumping on point as there’s enough there to make for fun reading, but not so much background that you feel the need to go out and buy all the back issues you can find.

    With Moon Knight, The last two series have been well done, though you could probably pick up the collected Moon Knight comics fair cheap on evilbay. The collected ghost TPB’s from Darkhorse are great. As far as Hellboy, I’d go digital and just buy the series whenever they have a sale.


  5. My favorite villain is the Cold War Soviet Union. It’s probably a generational thing, but there was just something menacing but clean and simple about that villainy. Clearly not all real, but still the great making of things like No Way Out, Red Dawn, Hunt for Red October… does anyone else remember Gotcha the movie? Plus sexy femme fatales, mastermind spys and brutish boxers all from the same villain? Gotta take the prize.

    I think my favorite hero is Elliot from ET just because of who he portrays and what he shares. No idea where I pulled that from but he actually seems heroic to me.

    In another take I think my favorite archetype of protagonist is Sherlock Holmes and my favorite type of antagonist is Tyrrion Lannister (who may be a good guy in the TV show and in later books, but initially I was really back and forth with him and I enjoyed that).


  6. That’s some cool stuff…
    Favorite Villain… Currently its Sinestro. He is very complex, at his core he thinks he is doing what is right to save the universe. He basically tricked the GL corp and lead them down a path that he wanted them to go down so they could become the saviors of the universe that he thought they should be… and he did this by playing the bad guy. He is very involved and has lots of levels, not truly bad but not by no means a good guy.

    Favorite Hero… Oh man… that’s tough for me. All the big ones, Spidey, Bats, Supes, Cap. I guess one of my favs is Rorschach. He is this really messed up tragic guy with tons of flaws who choose to go down this road to try and do some good. He was misguided, but in the end he believed uncompromisingly in justice and he did his best to uphold it in his way. He also was clever, maybe not batman smart, but he was quick with plans, and in away outsmarted the smartest man on the planet. Its hard to pinpoint a favorite hero though. I really like Hal Jordon Green Lantern right now as well as Swamp thing. If I were to go for an overall its probably Spidey. Its almost a joke how much crap he has dealt with and in the end he always does what is right and try’s to hold onto himself and not get washed away by all the horrible stuff that he deals with day in and out.

    Favorite Comics and good starting off points…

    Hmmm… For sinestro check out the sinestro corp wars and then check out Rage of the red lanterns. If that leads you all the way to blackest night then even better. If you have any interest comics everyone should read the Watchmen, that will give you all your Rorschach. Spidey… hmmm, I like J. Michael Straczynski run with the Amazing Spider man. I guess where to start for Spidey for a more modern look at him might be Ultimate Spider man. There are a lot of good reads out there right now and its a good time to read comics. Some favs of mine currently are GL, Batman, Saga, Thor God Butcher and God Bomb, the Secret Six. Oh yeah I mentioned Cap, the first three Ultimates books were great. That just a few, find an author you enjoy and follow him around. Grant Morrison is coming out with a multiverse thing for DC soon and its sounds really cool.


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