5 comments on “[40k] Tau Battlesuit WIP

  1. It’s always nice to see gradients on 40k models. I remember most people just doing edge highlighting on the Tau, but this looks much nicer I think.


    • Thanks! I think the hard edges of GW models really work well with edge highlighting, but I also think the abundance of flat surfaces makes blending on them fun and challenging. I haven’t done Edge Highlighting in a long time either, so that’s a new experience.


  2. The shadows and highlighting on that crisis suit are amazing! What’s your technique for getting such a smooth gradient? It looks almost airbrushed, but it seems too precise (though that may just be because I’m such an amateur with the airbrush).


    • 2-Brush Blending. I’m hoping to get a video on how to do it done soon, but there’s lots of house work with the new house and new puppy, so time’s limited right now.

      I *wish* I could be that precise with an airbrush!


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