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Today, I don’t have a studio update or a product review or anything like that.

This is why we can’t have nice things…

Instead, what I want to do is expand on your answers to my questions about going outside the Warmachine & Hordes realm, and outside gaming miniatures in general.  This all leads me around to some important questions on what types of tutorials you are most interested in seeing.

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I finally have my new painting studio in the house organized well enough to show it off.


This is the main part of my desk.  It’s the home for the PC, the cutting mat and a large bin organizer that has yet to be populated with bits and goodies.  The art on the wall is some concept art from Templecon’s Iron Arena (Una, Aby2 and a Nephilim Bolt Thrower) and the color picture there is a signed print by Florian Stitz (“Trolls of the Mountain”).

I still need to get a proper frame for the amazing Plarzoidasaurus logo hand-crafted by BobaFerret herself, which will go up right above the PC monitor, on the right-hand wall.

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If anyone’s familiar with Birchbox or BarkBox or any of the many monthly “surprise” box subscription services, Loot Crate is like the same, but for geeks.  My wife did Birchbox for a long while, and I always enjoyed seeing her go through her box to see what goodies she’d gotten.  I’ve been wanting something like that, but for geekyness, and so I found Loot Crate.  I’ve been following them on the Bookface, waiting for a month’s theme that I’d enjoy.  June’s “Transform” wasn’t really my thing, but July’s “Villains” sounds too cool to ignore.  I used one of their various promo codes to get $3 off, and signed up.

This landed on my desk at work Monday, and Itook a few pictures of what was inside for you!

The Box

The Box

Let’s open it, shall we?

Libby is waiting patiently to find out what's inside!

Libby is waiting patiently to find out what’s inside!

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During the last Studio Update, I asked a few questions and mentioned that anyone who answered them would be entered to win some goodies.

This is roughly what I looked like while the comments rolled in:

She's so excited, she didn't realize she'd dropped her ball...

She’s so excited, she didn’t realize she’d dropped her ball…

The response was amazing!  Thank you for all your great comments and answers.

Seriously,  Thank You.

So, I’ve compiled the list of comments and everyone’s name went in for each comment they posted.  I then consulted the cosmos, and the winner is…

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As promised, here’s my unboxing of the two starter sets I picked up as part of my Relic Knights Kickstarter.


I picked up two factions, the Shattered Sword, and the Noh. I have a thing for shields, so the Shattered Sword Paladins were right up my alley. I then wanted something that would clearly be different from the Paladins, so I went with the Noh, a race of crazy huge berserkers. These two factions also happen to have the primary colors of blue and red, so that’s handy.

Shattered Sword Paladins Starter Box

These Paladins revere a set of six warriors (The Six Peers) from long ago who realized that war is a huge waste of time and lives, and put down their swords in favor of peace and intelligent collaboration. So, unlike most paladins in other games, these guys aren’t out to do their god’s work, they’re simply policemen patrolling the galaxy, stopping wars.  Violently, if need be.

What a bunch of stylish, well armored hypocrites!


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