8 comments on “Aquablight Test Scheme: Part 6

  1. I don’t mind the red feathers as much. Certainly seems more plausible at least. That skirt is problematic though. I’d say white, but that’s not really a great idea. Red White and Blue Legion. Yeah… I’m standing by my grey I think. Kind of a military steel grey. Something that looks natural, like a color of cloth that Legion could put out in an efficient manner for a rapidly assembled force. That brings together natural colors or at least easily created ones, easily dyed. Steel grey meets all those requirements, and doesn’t fight with any of the current colors for attention.


  2. I still maintain that the red shirt is the way to go. I agree about the teal feathers though, nix them. If you did red, a biege-ish/white feathers would work without blending in too much to the other colors.


  3. If you’re set on red (and I think you should be!), then you need to match it with a dusky yellow/yellow-orange. It’ll contrast nicely with the teal for added pop and complement the red.


  4. The red feathers are nice. It doesn’t seem like any of the colors for the cloth are working all that well, though. Have you thought about a cream color? Kate’s comment about a dusky yellow/yellow-orange might be good, though.


  5. I think you need something neutral on the skirt. Jedianakinsolo’s suggestion of grey could work, so could Martin_Fierro’s cream, or maybe a deep brown (now that you’re not going for a fully cold palette). I think the key is not to distract from the red/teal.


  6. When I get really stuck on colour schemes I bounce to this website for ideas.


    You already have a core concept to work from with the blue this may give you a good spring board to find some alternate colour selections.


  7. I’m really impressed this one model has taken so well to successive layers and that you have the patience & memory to think about them one at a time and not side by side.


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