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  1. That does sound pretty sweet. I think I’d like to try the brutal feedback forum at some point but do you feel the forum as a whole is more for very good to elite painters and people with formal art training? I guess I don’t feel I’ve even exhausted what I can learn from wm/h focused forums.


    • Not at all. There are several painters who are just getting started or aiming for tabletop quality, and they aren’t going to slam your paint job beyond whatever you set out to do. If you say you’re just shooting for tabletop, they won’t call out every gem or belt buckle.

      Sticking to a forum dedicated to a particular game or company is fine, but you’re only going to get exposed to one style of model. PP models are very different from Wyrd models, from Infinity, from Reaper.

      Just like you want to play many opponents because you learn something different from each, you want to paint different models and try different painting styles so you can learn, experiment and have more tools available to you.


  2. I do love painting challenges, they’re what gets most of my stuff painted. Of course I do what you did, sign up and promptly forget once the challenge is over, but the ladder is intriguing. Also very curious to see how your PfP goes. I feel I have a reasonable handle on the market for painted gaming pieces, but it sounds like this is more for display than game play and I have no idea what the market is like for that.


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