6 comments on “Templecon 2015 Planning

  1. I like where you’re going with this, you’re hitting on the main points. When planning for conventions I generally try to limit myself to as many models as would fit in a Kaiser1 case (one standard KR Multicase card box), with an optional half-case if I’m bringing a Colossal. It’s relevant for fitting in overhead luggage compartments on aircraft, weight limits, and damn if it isn’t easier to wend your way though lines at a convention if your minis are in a bag about the size of a fat laptop satchel.
    Don’t have any input on the Legion lists – not my area – but you’re building on the right core principles here.


  2. I only played Thunderdome once and didnt realize how many quick, easy points it was until much too late. I’m only able to get to Templecon every other year. In 2012, I carried around a 50 point army on a carrying tray, which made cleanup and set up pretty easy as it was really only two lists, but it did get old after a while. In 2014, I carried around all my models, which was a pain, but it was nice having some choices to play with, so I need to find a good middle ground. Playing Cryx this isn’t hard, but the model count tends to be high as Cryx does infintrymachine more than some other armies IMHO. Your article definitely hits all the good points for folks wanting to get in a lot of games, especially for those wanting to get to tasty Iron Arena points.


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