8 comments on “Painting Table Update

  1. The Gem looks perfect for SDE. Its creepy to have to look at a mini with no pupil though 😛

    I had to look up Velmarius because I thought I was supposed to know who he is. I like the model. I bet you could add $5-10 to the bid price for your sales goal if you do something with his base. The magic glow on his hands is cool, but I think people will be more motivated to use him as their RPG guy if there is something being “affected” by his spell around him. Could be some swirling cotton, or cracking ice or if you’ve got some lying around a blue flame or bit of magical wave (I know reaper makes some bits of this in their weapon accessories and magic packs if you have any of those lying around).

    I htink my favorite part on Velmarius is actually the vest. Its subdued, but you really feel like its a piece of clothing that he wears rather than just another color painted on.


    • Yeah, I’m slowly working up the nerves to do the eyes.

      I think extra glowy stuff on his base would look cool, but it’ll depend on if I can get him far enough back to do anything like that without it seeming odd. For instance, if I have the ground glow, why not his face and arms, etc? Additionally, I have to weigh the work put in vs what I think I’ll get for him on eBay.


    • Thanks! The contrast is a little better in person, the light kind of washes him out. I should have finished pictures up tomorrow, but I’ll also bring him on Wednesday.


  2. the gem on the ember mage looks really nice and i like the glow on the hands of Velmarius. I think a freehand on his robe would increase his value. go for it! 🙂


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