11 comments on “[How-to Tuesday] RPG “Dungeon” Style Base

  1. Nice tutorial. I really like that you answer the most common questions (materials products colors ) in the tutorial. The free hand on the cloak I think will encourage people to add a buck when they tie for your auction. 🙂 good luck !


  2. Nice! The base Tutorial was very informative and has inspired me to work on my non-existent green stuff skills. The eyes and freehand on your model are great! So where do you get that rubber end brush like tool that you use for sculpting? I can never remember what it is called and have been looking for one for ever. Thanks.


  3. You, sir.
    this is great. I have a whole box of Bones minis that are going to need baseing, and this looks to be perfect for it!


  4. freehand looks great. subtle but still enhancing the backside of the model quite a bit in my opinion. what I really like to do, to break up the monotony of stone bricks on the ground is to put a couple subtle layers of purpe, blue, red glazes over different stones just to give em some faint touch of color. just a quick sugestion but I really like the little leafes on the base. hope you get a nice price for him.


  5. Great write-up, I going to use this for my Chibi Mythos when they arrive later this year once Impacts kickstarter is funded.


  6. Just after reading this tutorial, I saw another on the PP terrain section that suggesting using a real rock to impress texture on foam insulation. Now… do I have aluminum foil somewhere….


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