All posts for the month March, 2014

Lots of time spent at the desk this weekend, and only a little bit of it spent playing video games.

Progress has been made primarily on Velmarius and the Ember Mage, with just a little bit of clean up on the Tau Battlesuit (fixing overspray).

Let’s start with the Ember Mage.  Mostly, the gem in the staff is done.  It’s P3 Thamar Black at the top, P3 Beaten Purple in the middle, 50/50 Beaten Purple and P3 Arcane Blue as it gets lighter, and then 50/50 the previous mixture and P3 Morrow White at the very bottom.  Two dots up top, one big and one small are also Morrow White.  Additionally, while I had the black and white out, I painted her open mouth and teeth.

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I’ve been painting privateer Press models for quite a while now, and painting the Viking Girl for Meg’s class a few months ago was a real joy. I was happier painting that model than I’ve been while painting for a long time.

Quick conclusion?  It’s time to take a break from Privateer Press models, and do something a little different…

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