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I vastly underestimated the number of parts and work involved in cleaning up the Extremoth.   I’ve also been sidetracked with World of Warcraft, so not all blame is to be put onto the model.  In fact, the model’s not to blame at all, it’s WoW.

That said, progress has still been made, just not nearly enough of it.

The Greylords are assembled, for the most part.  Riders are assembled, horses are gap-filled and cleaned up, but are awaiting paint testing to make sure the gap fill is smooth.  My focus right now is finishing the Extremoth build, so I can clean up the work area and shift 100% into painting.

Anyway, here’s what my desk looks like right now.


Most of the parts are cleaned and ready to go, I’m starting to look at the thingys from the Behemoth’s hands, and trying to figure out just how I want to go attaching them to the bug fists.  I really want to just separate them from the frame they’re on, but that looks to be a considerable amount of work.

I’ll probably do it, because that’s going to give me the best look.  I’m also trying to figure out the cleanest way to attach the guns to the shoulders.  The curvature of the racks doesn’t even come close to lining up with the curvature of the chassis.  The standard procedure is to plug that all up with green stuff and clean it up a bit, but it’s so hard to get green stuff to be smooth, and I’m wondering if it’s not worth maybe just constructing the gun tracks from scratch.

I will be doing a How-to on how I built the Extremoth, but I’m going to do it all at once, at the end.  I figured that was one of the reasons some of you picked this army.

Since I continue to have cruddy update posts, read about some of the other folks in my Journeyman league:

For a while there, the Gallery here was a slideshow of pictures of models that I had painted. Unfortunately, it took forever to load, and the slideshow wouldn’t let you view any of the pictures longer or go back, etc.

I’ve changed up the Gallery page to have static images so you can click and view larger versions, or scroll and look at your leisure.  The pictures are in a roughly chronological order: newest stuff up top, oldest stuff at the bottom.  The page now stretches from my newest work (the Freehand Cygnus and the Alt Journeyman Warcaster) to my very first miniatures, some Black Templar Space marines.

Lastly, this format lets me put down some thoughts on the minis, what techniques I was using at the time, and tell you a little about why they’ve earned a spot in the Gallery.

Go check it out up above, and drop a comment on your favorite gallery model below!

Wednesday nights are game night for me, and this week was Week 1 of the Journeyman League. The NOVA Nomads packed the house, with 5 games going non-stop all night, with probably 14 people in the shop, which is quite a few for us.

Since I’m a PG and unable to win any of the leagues I run, I usually pair up people and facilitate games instead of playing myself, since we have limited space.  As a result, I taught two players how to play Netrunner while they hung around waiting for a table to open up, and got one game of Warmachine in.

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After cleaning the house all last week and entertaining some friends over the weekend (Cards Against Humanity is amazing, as was the LEGO Movie), I was able to steal some model time last night.  Both Ladyzoid and I needed to relax and so I watched Leverage and scraped and filed mold lines, and she played WoW (gotta get the LFR in before Tuesday, right?) and watched more of Season 2 of House of Cards.

Here’s where I was when I stopped last night.  It doesn’t look like much, but thorough model prep is the first step in making good looking models.

The Extremoth is getting the metal base.  It’s already going to be a gigantic, all metal ball of fury, so I figure I might as well just help it stay balanced on the table by lowering it’s center of gravity a bit.

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