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You’ve won!

Rob, E-mail me at plarzoid @ gmail . com to claim your prize!

The competition was tough, but thanks to the folks at (who use cosmic radiation as the seed data for their random number generator), the stars have quite literally chosen you!

Find me at Templecon!

I’m working the Iron Arena desk from 10am to 2pm on Thursday, but I’m playing games 24/7 from then on.  Tweet me to set up a game, or just stalk me, and you, too, can have one of these useful widgets from Advanced Deployment with the Plarzosaurus on it!

I’ll have my Khador there, along with my 40-card sealed deck of M14 and High Command.  If everything goes right, I’ll also have a Rasputina crew of 25-35 ss, but don’t expect me to know what I’m doing with it.

Lastly, I may or may not have a copy of Android: Netrunner.  We’ll see.

More to come!

It was several months between this contest and my last one.  That’s horrible!

So, stay tuned for more goodies!  I have some stuff that I’ll be giving away soon, so keep checking back on twitter, facebook and here on the blog.

I promise there won’t be any more social media related stuff.

I think, perhaps we’ll do some sort of painting challenge, much like Ron over at Mini Army, Huge Time Sink is doing…

Who remembers Clash of the Titans, from Lost Hemisphere, back in the day?

Well, that group of zany misfits have become good friends of mine, and most of them will be at Templecon in just under a month.  To celebrate the holidays and our special friendship, we’re doing a paint exchange among the 8 or 9 of us.  Each of us was randomly given someone else to shop and paint for, and those models are what have waylaid my work on the Khador.


Funny story – I saw this being filmed while at CES two years ago.

That’s not even the bad news.  The Bad News is that I can’t even show you the models as I’m working on them.  The person I’m painting for reads this blog, and will no doubt know that they are for them, thus ruining the surprise.  I know right?  That dirty, rotten scoundrel!

Rest assured, though, that I have been taking LOADS of pictures along the way, and there will be a significant post right after Templecon detailing all the goodness that has come from the combination of what I learned from Meg’s class and the freedom that comes from being able to work on a model knowing you’ll never have to see it again.

Lost Hemisphere is Back!!

So, while I don’t have models to show you, I do have fantastic news.  LH is back, baby!

Check it out in all it’s sexyness:

Don’t forget to do everything you can to win one of my awesome new measurement widgets from Advanced Deployment!



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Each of the things above gets your name in the hat, so the more you do, the better your chances!

All the tweets, followers, comments and likes on Facebook from Dec 5th to Jan 15th will be tallied sometime on Thursday, and the winner will be announced here first thing Friday morning.

Free stuff!

Logitech is here at CES and when I need new computer gaming peripherals, they’re the first place I turn.

One of the new gadgets they have here is the G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse, and it’s awesome.

Here’s my video review, recorded on the CES 2014 show floor at the Logitech Live booth.

It has tons of thumb buttons, which will be perfect for toggling weapon groups or overheating in EVE Online, and it fits in my hand perfectly.

If I don’t win one here at the convention, I’m definitely buying one when I get home.