7 comments on “Journeyman 2014: Where to start?

  1. Harkevich gets my vote. Sticks with the Motherland, isn’t more Menoth, isn’t more Ret, and most importantly doesn’t make me think of doing murder like the pBaldur tier does. You’re already in the Khadoran groove, why make it harder on yourself?


    • True, but my faction ADD means that if there’s an opportunity for change, then it must be considered and weighed and measured until I’m a withered husk in the corner mumbling incoherently…

      Which is why I make other people make the hard decisions.


  2. My vote is for the pBaldur list if you want to do something new. It’s doable in 6 weeks (you can do 2 units of Shifting Stones in like 20 min) and I’m willing to bet it plays to more your style as it’s a super tanky/attrition-y list.

    Hark and eVayl were close seconds.

    But let’s break it down further:
    – pBaldur: relatively easy to paint. May play like you like. Frustrating as all hell to play against.

    – pKreoss: You already have some of the pieces painted, but there seems to be a sudden influx of Menoth in our group. Also relatively easy to paint as you’ve basically got it started.

    – Nemo3: you said you’re not looking forward to painting it. Boom. Next.

    – eVayl: relatively small model count and I can attest that Legion generally isn’t that complicated to paint. Another one easy to do in 6 weeks. If Danny can do it, you can.

    -Rahn: if you don’t have the conversions done before the league, I say next it. Also this has a lot of dudes in it.

    – Harkevich: Same thing with the conversion here. You need it done by the league start or else it’ll be hard. But like Adam said, you’re already in the Khadoran groove, so why not continue? Also one of the biggest timesinks in your WGI are already almost done. this will really help the crunch.


  3. You should avoid the Harkevich list only because I plan on playing 100 games with him between Templecon 2014 and 2015. I think he’s awesome, and I really want to try and get good with him. Year of the Wolf, baby!
    I could write some articles as a guest contributor, though. 😀


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