6 comments on “Road to Templecon 2014: Painting Update

  1. Are you doing the unbreakable hundredandwhatever scheme? I think that’s red and grey too. If so then the choice is easy. Otherwise a patriotic anvil never misses.


    • No, I hadn’t heard of the Unbreakable 111th until I did some searching based on your comment. That sounds like a hell of a group to be, though. I need to dig out my Forces of: Khador book now and read up some more on this group, they may be just the bit of inspiration I’m looking for.



  2. Do you know where there’s tutorials online for that shading technique you use to blend the base with the red on the shoulder pads? I’ve looked and haven’t found a really good description of it.


    • It’s mostly 2-brush blending. There are some videos out there on YouTube. I hope to have my 2-brush blending video up… eventually? I lie, I haven’t even recorded it yet.


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