7 comments on “Road to Templecon 2014 & Free Stuff!

  1. I’m really looking forward to Templecon as well. I’ll definitely see if I can hunt you down as its been a while since I’ve played you. You’re going to crush me, but it’ll still be fun to get a game in against you.


      • Drinkmachine FTW! Yeah, I think the last time I went you were busy helping with the Orange Crush army and your PG duties. Definitely looking forward to playing you and getting a drink or three in and catching up.


  2. I’d say go min Mechaniks and take Drago. He doesn’t hit as hard, but you have Conquest for a very hard hitter.

    The Juggernaut needs focus to do its job and focus always seems to be in short supply in a Vlad1 list. Drago is a decent threat to light jacks/beasts (and some of the squishier heavies you can find in Cygnar, mercs, Circle and Legion) without using focus. You’re likely to get three attacks with the Chain attack, all without focus.

    And a really, really great model.


    • Fantastic insight, thanks!

      I just don’t know if I can get him painted on time. I’m going to try and sneak him and Butcher1 in before Templecon in addition to everything else. We’ll see if it happens.


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