6 comments on “Masterclass with Meg Maples

    • She’s a great instructor, and only makes fun of you a little when you as stupid questions.

      There’ll be lots of painting posts to come, probably after Templecon. The class has really gotten some ideas spinning, which are now fueled by Christmas money… 🙂


  1. DUDE!! That is an amazing looking mini, great work!! She is so cool, I am in love with that model, and your blends are smooth and have the right amount of contrast/shading to really make the cloak look real.

    You were always a good painter Plarz, but I really like the improvements you have made over the last year or two, some amazing stuff coming out of the Plarzoid Studio lately!!


    • Thanks! That reminds me, I found one of the first Space Marines I ever painted not long ago. I need to figure out where I put him so I can post pictures…


  2. So after she showed you how to paint fur and hair you “pelted” her with questions? I see what you did there. 😉

    The cloak’s shading & highlights look amazing, great work.


    • Hey, finally someone who gets my humor! Most of my friends just look at me with disappointment in their eyes, and tell me to “Get. Out.”


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