3 comments on “[M:tG] Draft Practice

  1. When I was learning to draft, I really felt that comparing cards in any one pack was a super-valuable task. so, i went looking and found this: http://draft.bestiaire.org/index.php. Its a draft simulator that pretends its 8 people. While its not always handy in trying to simulate an actual draft deck that you would build, it helps with card familiarity, making hard decisions, and seeing if base concepts exist. Try it out man!


  2. Honestly nothing in that pack excites me. Two rares and I wouldn’t draft either of them. I like Akroan Hoplites, but it’s tough to actually get them on the board as a two drop. That’s kinda the worst sort of first pack, as it doesn’t suggest a strategy or even a direction really. I’d probably take the Ox. It blocks above its cost, and isn’t a defender so you can get it to do damage.


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