One comment on “[Geekery] Programming 101: PB & J

  1. The interesting thing about the P&J experiment, is that is will work regardless of how clued in the confident person giving the commands is. If the Team Leader making the PB&J sandwich simply takes the step there given and divides it into several smaller steps. From there it is usually obvious where the language could be misunderstood.
    “Wrap one hand around the jar and the other hand around the lid of the jar. Twist the lid counter clockwise.”
    The Team leader could break that down into these steps:
    1. Wrap right hand around peanut butter jar (assuming she even decides to know was a jar is)
    2. Wrap left hand around the jelly jar lid (opps!)
    3. Tries to spin the lid counter clock wise to no affect.

    The same can be said of programming. You need to literally define everything! Luckily, programmers that have come before us have defined quite a bit of stuff for us to use, looping back to Plarzoid’s idea of shared knowledge in a way. That’s why we’re not just working with ones and zeros anymore.


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