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If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you may have already seen some pictures of this project, and even if you aren’t a Twitterer (Tweeter?).  This is for local player Danny, who plays all things broken (Cryx, Haley2 double Stormwall), and currently has his sights set on Circle Orboros.  Like many of my local players, Danny knows that if he entices me with a challenge, I’ll usually take the bait.

An Extreme Ghetorix is nothing new, and has been done before.  The threads I looked at for inspiration were this one and this one.  The first has some WIP pictures halfway down that helped with my placement of the horns on his head.  The second one really make me think about whether or not to do the headdress at all.  I’d also found some examples where the arms had been bent around some to make the conversion easier, but in my opinion the model is too complex to re-work the lines of motion formed by the twisting body and limbs – I didn’t want that complex of a project.

Stock model, rather... static.

Stock model, rather… static.


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My family is huge into card games and I grew up in the midwest, where Euchre is a thing, so I’ve grown up loving cards and card games.  They’re social, they’re cheap, and once you’ve invested in a deck of cards, the possibilities are endless.  I even know a few card magic tricks, though I’m terrible at them.  My dad’s a huge fan of Cribbage, which we play all too infrequently, but whever I’m home for the holidays, we always get some Euchre in, or perhaps some Gin Rummy.

Fun fact, I actually collect decks of cards.  I have a deck from just about every casino I’ve been to and now including a set from the online casino I’ve been winning from, the site is on top of the game lately, it lets me play in my underwear. I have several movie themed decks (Despicable Me, Star Wars, James Bond, Jurassic Park, TRON), and lots of others about animals from various national parks & zoos, Coca-Cola decks, etc.

This is just the latest batch, from a Florida / Caribbean cruise trip, Target and a Security Conference

This is just the latest batch, from a Florida / Caribbean cruise trip, Target and a Security Conference

All of these decks have Kings and Queens, and Aces and Jokers, but there are no elves, goblins, griffons or most importantly, fireballs.  When you combine a love of fantasy and sci-fi with a love of playing cards, there’s a rather obvious conclusion: Magic: the Gathering.

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Whenever you meet someone new, one of the first questions that comes up is “What do you do?”

For me, the answer is programming.  For some, that brings to mind the classical TV/movie trope of Mountain Dew, thick glasses, a pocket protector and walls of unorganized computers and blinking lights.  For others, I instantly get slotted as someone who knows how to program VCRs and can fix their computer.

My hope for this series is to dispel some of the stereotypes surrounding programming, confirm others, and give you a chance to learn some programming skills of your own, if you’re so inclined.

Programming 101: PB & J

If you’ve ever been to a summer camp, or leadership training or anything that required team building, you may have done the PB&J exercise.

Everyone sits in a room facing a table, which has a jar of Peanut Butter, a jar of Jelly, a loaf of bread and a knife.  Usually the team leader sits at the table, and calls out the most confident person in the room.  That person sits in the front of class, with their back to the table, and has to give instructions to the person at the table, and get them to make a PB&J.

The twist is, the person at the table pretends be an alien and has no idea what a PB & J is (let alone a sandwich), is mute and can’t give feedback, only follows the instructions of the person who  has their back to the table, and follows them to the letter.  The person assembling the sandwich doesn’t know how to open the jars.  Doesn’t know how to use the knife.  Doesn’t know how to untie the twisty-tie holding the loaf of bread together, has no idea what “spread” means, etc.


If you’ve never seen this, it’s hilarious, and usually ends with the assembly person covered in PB & J, a mess all over the table, and a hungry audience.

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