3 comments on “Stinger and Seraph of Aquablight

  1. Alas for the unloved Seraph, everyone’s favorite Legion punching bag. Outside of the Teraph that is. Granted the model could be more dynamic, but it has plenty of character and is a solid piece on the table as well. It’ll be seeing lots of play while we do the Dark Secrets league thanks to its tasty league upgrade.

    To get to actual painting, your Seraph is darker than the other two, but is there anything wrong with that? It makes sense that jacks, armor, weapons, anything crafted would all be the same color, but organics like beasts and flesh is open to the range of variations that life entails. Your trio is obviously done in the same scheme and they all mesh together, so color variations add variety while still being part of a larger whole. Another layer or two of highlights on the wings wouldn’t hurt if you want to keep the blue consistent, but I think it’s fine as is.


  2. heh… interesting… great blending going on! i think the overall beast looks too dark because you need some highlights on the wings… they are not nearly dynamic enough compared to the plate armour highlighting… makes it look just unfinished… but nicely done anyways! seeya.


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