2 comments on “Aquablight, Reinterpreted

  1. Dude, I love it! Especially the hair and little details.

    The inside of the armor (the turquoise ink washed parts) look a little greenish to me, but that may just be the pictures. Maybe needs some more glazes of the turquoise?


  2. Hello friend,

    I am a rather recent player to Warmahordes, and just recently acquired a Legion battlebox. Although I am quite new, I\’ve had a lot of practice on the 70+ points of my green Khador paint scheme, and learned some of the techniques.

    Unfortunately, my painting skills are still unpolished and I would need some help. Indeed, seem to have fallen in love with your Aquablight paint scheme, and I would be very happy if you would share your paint scheme recipe with me!

    Thanks in advance, any help will be greatly appreciated!


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