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  1. Looking good. I say you fill out the deathstar with ua and Joe. You already have it part way there might as well fill it up….plus they are good.

    I think you should do the bomber, impaler, and pyre over the thumper and whelps. While you will get long term milage out of the whelps I am not sure how much use you will get out of the thumper crew outside of a Gunny theme force. I am sorry to hear about the impaler breaking but it is a better idea to only have one impaler anyways. I love impalers but never see a reason to have more than one. The bomber is an awesome beast and by adding the pyre you can improve his melee punch once you are stuck in and cannot throw those sexy bombs anymore….but that is my two cents on trolls.


    • If the points are there, I favour the Slag over the Pyre. Better accuracy, same animus, and the gun is ROF 2 with bonus damage dice against jacks. And, you’ve already got the Bomber for AOEs, so you don’t need the Pyre for that.

      You could also take the Frost, who’s normally pants, but suddenly gets really mean under Guided Fire. However, I’d take a Pyre or Slag first, specifically for the animus, before taking a Frosty.


  2. There is only one acceptable option to occupy your painting table. It’s big, potentially red, and rhymes with “Bonquest.”


  3. Blazing Orange. That pot was made for cigars, furnaces, and other purveyors of fine incandescent light.

    I’d almost say go with the Man-‘o-Wars. Play crunchy armor Khador since everyone else plays neener-neener can’t hit me Khador. (Also Stormwall/Stormsmiths/Firefly is going to start making Kayazy and Winterguard wish they wore armor.)


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