9 comments on “How-to Tuesday: Convert Cinerators into Bastions

  1. Easily the best version of these that I’ve seen. Devout halberds was a great idea. Were any of the Cinerator poses possible to two-hand the halberd?


    • I have only done these two so far, but I’m definitely looking at this. Since the plastic is so easy to work with, it should be fairly easy to cut, pin, or heat and bend the arms into new positions. Unfortunately, both arms have the hands vertical, and no where near in line with each other, so a 2-handed pose will definitely be more work.

      Stay tuned for next week, I’ll take pictures as I try to make one or two, and post that up for next week’s article.


  2. Love this conversion! Very nice, I really want to get one of those two players sets as well, and may just have to steal your idea here. I think I would use the bastions way more then the cinerators. Hey would you be up for doing a green stuff tutorial sometime. I really like the ribbons you did, and would love to know that ratio’s you use and your sculpting methods. Nice stuff as usual.


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