5 comments on “Speedpainting, the Conclusion

  1. Wow. I love this scheme. Bravo!

    How did you do the gold again? Wash it with brown ink? I know you told me but it keeps slipping my mind.


    • Base with P3 Molten Bronze over black primer. Watered down P3 Brown ink into the recesses, two layers. Go back with Molten Brass and help blend the ink into the basecoat. Then, P3 Solid Gold for the highlights, 2-brush blended or glazed onto the spots that catch the light.

      The flamethrower cowl came out very well, I’ll show you Thursday.


      • Awesome thanks so much! You may have unlocked the key to my Menoth scheme! Gold is a real problem for me and of course it figures heavily…

        Unfortunately, I don’t think I can make it out this Thursday 🙁 But next time!


  2. Cool write up. I am going to undertake a similar project later in the summer by attempting to paint 35pt in a month. I like to see what others find to be helpful when pushing thier speed. Your scheme looks sweet…. now paint that Harbinger conversion 🙂


    • Good luck on your 35pts in one month – that’s very speedy painting! I’ll get around to the Harbinger. I need to get some ribbons onto the flag pole, but she’ll be painted before the year’s over, I promise.


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