4 comments on “How-to Tuesday: Malifaux

  1. I’m glad you had fun. Will do it again sometime. I think malifaux is the perfect side game for warmachine. I get burned out on one game, and its nice to take a break and do something different.


  2. I was half watching you guys play during my Warmachine game. It did look like a lot of fun. They definately have some rockin’ models.


  3. @ Mugu:I had trouble keeping my eyes off that hot Cryx on Cryx action….. I felt a little dirty.


  4. Getting a positive twist on damage is hard (relying on cards alone), but getting a neutral isn’t all that. That’s important, because you can cheat neutral or better. This is where charging is almost as good as Warmachine, because the positive twist it adds means that so long as you hit by better than 0, you can cheat damage against the average opponent.


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