4 comments on “How-to Tuesday: Alternate Blending Methods

  1. I’ve tried glazing but always lose patience before finishing and end up either effectively two-brush or wet blending. I do like the effect of the look, particularly the smoothness of the pigmentation as it dries (an effect I can’t seem to get on my blending and which I consider a hallmark of the ‘european’ style painting you see on sites like Massive Voodoo).

    I also have tried wet blending but not enough to really get proficient with it, again, I end up drifting towards a two-brush style as I go, since it’s what I’m comfortable with. Also, the only real difference between ‘wet’ and ‘two-brush’ is color on the second brush in my experience.

    I do have an airbrush and have gotten really good results with it. See: Bile Thralls and this tutorial from Game and Stuff’s website Storm Strider.

    If I can make a plug, I’ve gotten good results with any two-brush technique by using the Double-Ended Brushes that I developed.


    • Yeah, I use your double ended brush for 2-brush – primarily because I don’t have to worry about putting it back in my mouth correctly – I keep both ends moist, and I can just grab the brush and go, I don’t have to worry about accidentally getting it backwards, and wasting the time to flip it, and then get bathtub rings. It also hold a fine enough point that I can blend where I want to go, and the point is soft enough that it doesn’t cause streaks. I also love using it to mix paint. I can get one color with one end, the other color with the other end, and if I need to, I can dip back into the first color without contaminating it. I then clean both ends, and I’m off. It’s also my basecoating brush, because it has a big well, and a fine enough point to not get stuff all over.

      How’s that for an endorsement?

      Any word yet on when / if you’ll get double ended brushes in smaller sizes or with shorter handles? Right now, when I flip it, I have to choke up on the brush, which is just a touch too slow. If the handle were about an inch shorter, I think it might be perfect (for me, at least).


  2. This is all great and very useful stuff!

    I’m personally leaning towards getting an airbrush soon, but I gotta do more research first…


    • Be sure to blog about your research, I would love to pick your brain about airbrushes after you’ve had a chance to look around.


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