4 comments on “Painting Class: Part 2

  1. Interesting reading here, I’m always on the prowl for painting tips. Would have loved to make it to the class but sadly scheduling (read: hockey) had other plans. My big question after the first two parts is: does a Citadel/P3/Vallejo equivalency chart exist? I’ve found half a dozen Citadel/Vallejo charts, but nothing that lists more than a dozen P3 colors. Comparisons between Citadel and Vallejo, especially the Game Color line, are easy since one mirrors the other, and while P3 does its own thing I have to believe there’s some resource somewhere that can tell me what something like Sanguine Base translates to in other ranges, or what the difference between Menoth White and Morrow White is. Without squinting at paint chips in various online stores of course.


    • Well, I can tell you the difference between Menoth white and Morrow white. The Menoth whites are actually more beige/cream colors. They have a like tan/yellow-brown-ish tint to them, with Menoth base is more of a “banana” color. Morrow white is the stark white, like the white used on this text.


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