5 comments on “How-to Tuesday: Gap Filling (Hair)

  1. Good tutorial and pics. I recently assembled a Gorax too, can’t remember what I did with the gap…probably didn’t fill it like this. I’ll post finished pics when I remember to take them…


  2. I really like this tutorial as well, not that most of my Cryx have any hair, but its very useful to show folks how easy doing this kind of thing can be. I wonder, could you do the same thing without the dental tool? Say with a toothpick and a flat stiring stick from Starbucks?


    • Sorry if that came out wrong, not trying to criticise, just wondering out loud how it could be done with other easy to find tools/objects.


    • I would assume so, but you have to make sure the wooden tool is wet first because otherwise greenstuff sticks to wooden tools really well. I bought some wooden sculpting tools a while back thinking that they would be better, but now I wish I had bought metal ones 🙁


    • I think you might be able to use those, but as whitestar said, be wary of sticky GS.

      You could easily use the back of a hobby knife blade, super thin plasticard, etc. You just need to be able to pull the GS with a thin edge, so you can create those strands of hair.


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