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  1. I thought the comments at Frontline Gamer were also interesting, namely that either the models are totally too powerful and you have to take them to stay competitive, which is how’ll justify $135 to people or the models will the underpowered relative to their points or balancced (like BE were) and the $135 will mostly mena collectors and completionists get the model.

    What I’m really looking forward to is the assembly and painting. As I said yesterday, I love assempby and model making, almost if not more than playing. I hope I get to do one as a commission as well as for myself, I think there are lots of cool ways to pose and paint this model.


    • Will Schick has said at the reveal that they are spending a lot of effort to make sure that these are far from “auto-win” and are appropriately balanced for their points cost (18-20). Considering that they will probably not be able to be allocated more than 3 focus like any other warjack, I’m actually pretty confident that they will be fun, competitive, but definitely not auto-wins.


  2. I’ve pretty much gotten over the sticker shock and am now just looking forward to getting the Kracken! I too am really looking forward to this in a modeling/painting aspect. While I was a bit underwowed by the Wraith Engine as a “Centerpiece,” I think the Kracken will definately fit the bill there. I can’t wait to see the model previews!


  3. I’m stoked, even with the $135 price tag. I’m hoping that the Conquest is a bit cheaper because it doesn’t include 3 pewter lightning pods… but looking at the pics you posted above, Conquest looks a LOT bulkier than Stormwall.
    One thing I was disappointed in from a modeling standpoint is that Stormwall’s legs are both a single piece. I was really hoping for some more leg pose ability, because I feel that changing the stance is one of the areas where you can make a huge difference in your model’s pose.
    Either way, this summer will be exciting, and I can’t wait to see what else PP has in store.


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