13 comments on “How-to Tuesday: Magnetize a Plastivean Kit

  1. Thank you for the tutorial! I’ll soon be magnetizing this kit as my first magnetizing job, so I’ve got a question — for tools, do you need a dremel to make the magnet holes? I just have pin vises, will those work, but just take longer?


    • Pin vices will work fine, especially for all plastic kits like these. If you’re going to be working with metal fairly often (and you do when you primarily work with PP models) then a Dremel is a huge time saver.

      To avoid cracking the plastic, remember to step your drills sizes. For instance, when I’m drilling the 1/8″ holes for the magnets, I start with a #67 bit which I use for pinning (0.032″) and then go to a 3/64″ bit, then go to the 1/8″ bit. Takes longer, but gives you a cleaner hole.


  2. hey, nice stuff… cant wait to get a few kits and magnetize emm… question: is the proteus kit just the head? no arms, spikes, or anything else?


  3. hey plarzoid… can ya do me a favor… i know this is kinda crazy but can you throw up a pic of proteus with carny arms instead of rav arms? i have a spare metal carny unpainted and im thinking of putting the proteus head onto that instead. and i was gonna look into getting the metal rav arms from PP but between the $5 cost of each shoulder and 4.50 for the lower arm and PP’s shipping cost i think i may keep the carny arms unless it looks awful. anyway thanks.


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