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I was lucky enough to get my hands on a “Legion of Everblight Plastic Heavy Warbeast Kit”, or what I’m calling a “Plastivean”.  The parts look quite a bit like the metal heavy warbeasts, but with the familiar keying of parts.  27 parts to be exact (standard black base not pictured):

Lots of parts!

In my opinion, this kit’s absolutely amazing.  The mold lines are in the best possible places, and they’re not difficult to clean up.  There are lots of them, so it’s an undertaking to be sure, but the results are fantastic.

Read on to see how to assemble and magnetize this beast!

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Yes, I am still alive.  I’ve been working on things, and as proof, here’s my latest conversion.  I don’t have much of a walkthrough for it, as it was mostly impromptu work when I had time.  I do have a parts list though.

  • Harbinger of Menoth
  • Deva, Female Angel (#3114, Reaper Dark Heresy)
  • Sir Ekkrion’s Shield (PP Bits Store)

And, from this, I get a winged Harbinger carrying a shield, accompanied by an Acolyte holding her Battle Standard.  She’s still got some sticky-tac, as I’ve left her mostly unassembled.  As intricate as the model is, being able to paint it in parts is a necessity.  Not that it will get painted any time soon, I just was too excited about the conversion to not get it done.  Also, credit where credit is due, I didn’t think up the winged conversion, nor was I the first to use these wings.  Thanks to Ravenshaw (who may or may not have been the first, but certainly led me in the right direction).


Tomorrow’s How-to?  Magnetizing an Everblight Plastic Heavy Warbeast Kit!

While I’m dealing with time away from the hobby desk due to vacation, overtime at work and have no material to discuss due to complete failure to accomplish anything lately, Mugu’s here to the rescue with part ! of a multi-part special on Templecon.

Faithful readers, as you probably know, Plarzoid, Ken, and I have returned from the chilly wilds of Rhode Island and survived might TempleCon 2012.  I think I definitely made up for not having been to gaming convention in years!  I had a blast, played at least four months worth of Warmachine games in three days,  got to see folks in lots of cool and interesting steampunk, pirate, and other costumes, and got to just relax and have a great time.    This will be the first of three posts, this one will show off some of the Warmachine boards available to play on.  There were several others, but off course there were times were I just forgot to take any pics at all (very silly of me).  Enjoy!

The Scrapyard

The Scrapyard was the first game and first theme board I played on at TempleCon.  The railcars full of scrap metal could be pushed by warjacks into/over other models.  As you’ll see in my next post, I forgot about that little rule…

A Tea Party

One of the boards I didn’t get to play on; the idea was for the attacker to try to destroy the crates on the pier and ship (IIRC) in order to try to win by scenario.

Cavern Board

The Cavern board (or old mines, it might have been called) was fun to play on.  AOE weapons that missed had a chance of causing a cave-in (several did happen), you couldn’t use arcing fire weapons to arc fire, and the black discs on the table were bottomless pits.

Ummm......Stone Pillar Board?

I call this the Stone Pillar Board, but I didn’t get to play on it and the pic I took of the name didn’t turn out.  Another board I didn’t get to play on.

Road to Berck

The Road to Berck board looked like fun (Plarzoid got to play on this board, I didn’t).  While I’m not completely sure, I think one player had to essentially block the pass and keep the opposing player from getting through.

Correct.  The player on the cliff side had one game size fewer points to play with (I had 35, my opponent had 50), and to win, I had to last 5 rounds, and still have a model inside the ravine.  If they got any models into the ravine, it was game over.

Cyriss Temple

The Cyriss Temple board is another that looked pretty cool to play on, though I have no idea what the scenario was supposed to be.  I didn’t play on this one either.

Beach Assault

The Beach Assault board was really popular.   From what I recall the assaulting player got more points to add to his army as the defending player had a nice sturdy bunker to hide behind/in.  Yes, another one I didn’t get to play on.

Well. that’s all the boards that I have decent pictures of.  There was a Corvis City block board, two ice boards, at least one trench warfare board, a cool graveyard board, a loading dock/construction board, and many others I cant recall at the moment.  The themed boards were in high demand and as the con and days went on, they were that much harder to get on unless you got lucky.

Have you built any themed boards?

Are any of the ones I took pictures of, one you helped build?

What do you think of themed boards?

It’s been a while since I had a battle report for you, so it’s about damn time, eh?  Enjoy!

We’re part way into the War-Torn Alliances league, here in Virginia, and on Thursday, I had the pleasure of playing against Chris’ Retribution at 25pts.

Chris' nicely painted green Retribution force!

His list consisted of:

* Phoenix
* Hydra
Sentinels (max) + UA
Mage Hunter Assassin

 My list was an expansion of the Legion battlebox, adding a second heavy and some support to play on Lylyth’s ability to run a mini Shredder Swarm.

My Legion of Aquablight!

My list was:

* Carnivean
* Ravagore
* 4x Shredder
2x Shepherd

I had league patches and bits from a group bits order to pass out, so Chris was kind enough to set up the board and pick an objective.  He chose the League specific “Whirling Gauntlet” Scneario.  It features a zone on the opponen’s half of the board you need to control, as well as a 5″ cloud AOE that randomly scatters every turn.  Any model it lands on gets thrown, and any models fighting inside it suffer -2 to hit.

Fun!  Or so I thought…

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This hit the M&P Forums yesterday, and it’s pretty awesome.

I have some stuff in the works, but I need more time to finish it and put it into a cohesive tutorial.  Unfortunately, only 1 of the 4 things I tried to work on last weekend actually worked, so I had to punt for today’s How-to.

Coming up:

  • Magnetizing IFP and Black Dragons
  • Building a Protectorate Sarcophagus Objective Marker (Next Week)
  • Converting the Harbinger into an Angel
  • Magnetizing a Legion Plastic Warbeast Kit (Once it releases)