4 comments on “How-to Tuesday: Tournament Preparation

  1. I would add don’t lose sight the fact that its just a game. Sometimes people attach way to much importance on winning and don’t always enjoy the game. I think its an ego thing in some cases. Also consider magnetizing your models. I am going to go back over all my guys and put magents on them just for tournaments. Nice article I got a lot from it.


  2. The ‘if they didn’t see it, it failed’ rule is a great one! It’d evaporate a lot of the tension around tables that tends to build up when someone’s eyes ain’t on the prize. I think a ‘break it down’ rule is good as well – if you have a lot of rules interacting at a time, spell it out step by step for your opponent, be clear about who’s activating and who’s benefitting from what.


    • Yep. If you’re placing guys for something like Shield Wall, announce it. That way, if they accidently get bumped out of B2B later on, you are covered since your opponent saw and acknowledged what was happening. Along the same lines – always use a marker or token of somekind. That way, if your opponent forgets you have something in play, you can just point to the marker and you have proof it’s there.


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