8 comments on “How-to Tuesday: Stay Motivated

  1. Nice post! I’ve gotten my motivation back after being burned out from the holidays and other things. You should be getting a few posts from me here soon!


    • Yeah, I’ve been a build-aholic lately. I have a Khador list I’m itching to try, but I had to re-build almost all my models since I’m no longer allowing myself to play with the Pink Khador models. They need to be touched up and sealed so I can get ready to auction them!


  2. I hear ya! I was burned out from the holidays and have been pretty lax on my painting myself. Getting Skyrim for Christmas certainly didn’t help.

    All that is going to change soon! I want to finish my Khador before Meg Maples class! I feel I’m like 50% there…


    • I’m looking forward to that class. I also hear Skyrim is amazing – I wish they’d made a version for the Wii – that would have been awesome. Sadly, I don’t think my PC could handle it…

      Perhaps it’s time to buy a 360? Someone twist my arm… Please?


  3. I like those tips alot, especially the out of sight part. I have a closet that has all of my un painted or unassmebled stuff in, and it helps a lot.


    • Oh yes arm twisted…. great system. My brothers got me one for Christmas. No skyrim yet but Space Marines was a ton of fun and inspired me to pick up my unfinished blood angels…. I just wish 40k(tabletop) was fun for me, love the fluff and models.


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