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I’ve had an idea about what I want to do for my “Exemplar” Menoth Models.  I really like the studio Menoth scheme.  However, I don’t like being 100% true to the studio scheme.  Even my Skorne have the little green sashes.

So, I wanted to use the studio scheme, but I wanted it darker, and yet I wanted to emphasize fire.  I love the darker Menoth schemes that folks have done.  Here are some examples.

So, I sat myself down with the color palettes I wanted to use, and a sheet of white paper.  Here’s how I tested out the scheme without any fancy photoshop or without wasting a model (well, not exactly).

My Color Selection

The colors I have here are:

  • Sanguine Base -> Sanguine Highlight -> Carnal Pink
  • Gun Corps Brown -> Menoth White Base -> Menoth White Highlight
  • Ember Orange -> Heartfire -> Cygnus Yellow

The first two color sets are taken almost directly out of the Forces of Warmachine: Protectorate of Menoth book.  The last set is my interpretation of some fire.  I wanted it to be super bright.

I want a dark scheme, so the dark Sanguine has to be the main color.  So, I started painting.

I used a sheet of plain old computer paper, and painted a square.  I put down two coats of Sanguine Base, and then a few coats of Sanguine Highlight.

Then, I mixed some Carnal Pink into some Sanguine Highlight and put that down.

I immediately didn’t like it.  It was too bright.

So, I put some more Sanguine Highlight down after this picture was taken.

I then had to figure out what set of colors would go on the borders, and what color would go on the Menofix that’s traditionally in the middle.  I decided to actually invert the traditional color scheme, so I painted the border white.  Well, I used the three color progression listed above.

I realize it’s hard to see the white against the white paper, but it’s there.  It’s also hard to see the brown, because it’s so close to the dark Sanguine Base.

So, that leaves the orange/yellow for the Menofix in the middle.

Overall, not too bad.  I had a spare Repenter laying about, and so I decided to try out the scheme on it.  Here’s how it turned out:

I think it turned out pretty well.

As I wrote this though, I’m beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t exchange the orange and white.  White is a symbol of purity, honesty and faith, and that would be a more appropriate color for the holy symbol, not orange.

What do you think?

So, here I am.  Less than a month away from TempleCon(!) and … and …. ARGH! ::sigh::

To sum up, I’m a mess. But let me back up a little bit (its not quite a saga, so don’t run away quite yet); I haven’t been to any kind of a convention since roughly 1998 or 1999. I lived in Japan for 11 years, which made it cost prohibative to fly back to the States for any cons (though had Lock & Load been around, I probably would have tried for that), and the five years I lived in Southern California didn’t help as something work related always seemed to come up during con season.

So there are two things that are kinda stressing me out…

Competitive Scene vs Casual Player

First, I’m stressing a bit over getting ready for TempleCon, even though I’m only “planning” on playing in the Iron Arena casual play area (and perhaps attending the Rum appreciation events). I’m not a competative player. I used to be, back in the heydays of second edition Warhammer 40k and a bit in third edition, but not anymore. 


Plarzoid went to TempleCon last year and I was really amazed at how his skill went up (due in part to the number of games he got to play). I want that bump up in ability and I think I’ll get that experience in spades at TempleCon.  I also really want to nail down the lists I’m bringing so that I don’t make a complete fool of myself at TC.

I also want to point out that being a PG, Plarzoid is much, much better at remembering most of the rules, which I am not. 😛  [That’s only because you guys keep asking me odd questions and I have to look up the answers in the rulebook! – P]

Okay, so maybe they're not stupid questions.....

Painted Models & Army Lists

Yeah, I would too....

I also want all the models in both these lists to be fully painted by TempleCon as well. As it stands, I may be able to squeeze out the painting but it will be close. Now, I’ve discovered that I do much better when I have a deadline to paint by – even though I don’t always make the deadline, its usually pretty close and I almost always finish the models I’ve set out to paint.

Here are my two 35 point lists, feel free to pick them apart.  I’d really appreciate any thoughts on them.

Coven (Tier 2 – Auguries of War)
Witch Coven of Garlghast (Painted)
Defiler (Painter)
Darragh Wrathe (in bits/in the process of being converted as I really dislike his death pony)
Soulhunters (max) (1 painted, 4 bare metal)
Soulhunters(min) (3 bare metal)
Warwitch Sirens (2) (both painted)

So, lots of soulhunters and Darragh Wrathe to paint.

Now I’ve played a version of this Coven list a few times and I am getting more comfortable with it.  The main change in it was dropping a max unit of soul hunters to a min unit in order to get some more/useful models on the board.  I’m going to try the latest version out this Thursday.

The second list takes me back to my favorite caster (and the one I’m most comfortable with, to be honest):

Deneghra1 (Tier 3 – Witching Hour)
Defiler (2) (Painted)
Ripjaw (painted)
Scavenger (primed and partially basecoated)
Stalker (painted)
Skarlok (painted)
Mechanithralls (10) (painted)
Brute Thrall (painted)
Mechanithralls (10) (need to see if they’re painted)
Brute thrall (bare metal)
Necrotech (painted)
Scrap Thrall (painted)
Pistol Wraith (painted)
Warwitch Sirens (2) (painted)

So, much better with only the Scavenger, Brute Thrall, and possibly 10 mechanithralls  to paint….well, it feels better than painting seven soulhunters & Darragh Wrathe….  And brings my grand total of models I need to paint to 20 models (possibly only 10 if the mechanithralls are painted).    I’m going to finish up the second list models first if the mechanithralls are painted already; if they arent  then I’ll paint the soulhunters first.

The P-Denny list is new to me, but I’m fairly confident in its ability to allow me to spread threats around the board to try for assassination attempts from different and hopefully unexpected areas.  I may swap out a few models (specificially the ripjaw) for something else, but we’ll see.  I’m going to see if I can get a game in with this list this Thursday as well.

Speaking of games, Plarzoid had myself and a great guy, Andrew play last time with a chess clock.  To be honest it was a bit unnerving, but it added a fun edge to the game.  I won the first game on sheer number of points left on the board in the control zones (if I remember correctly) and lost the second game due to not taking it seriously enough as we were short on time.

I also read Plarzoid’s article on List Building, which I found really helpful, if for no other reason than it forced me to try to think about how both these lists will deal with the things he mentions, as well as makes me think of any synergies in the armies.  His article on Tournament Preparation was insightful as well.  I’m working on practicing my lists against others in my group, working on my Knowledge in trying to remember everything my lists can do and when as well as making sure I have the light cavalry rules down solid, Sportsmanship is an easy part as I’m an extremely casual player and mainly play for the sheer fun of it and can’t say I’ve ran into anyone who wouldn’t play against me again, and lastly, the logistics are mostly there, though I don’t know if I’m sold on the cookie tray transport, we’ll see.

Stay tuned over the next two weeks as I’ll try to be updating regularly and letting you all know how my madness (and stress level) is going.

And so I leave you with Sith squirrels...

Mugu’s back with an update on the models he’s been working on.  Looks like he’s been pretty productive!

Time for a painting table update since my last update was in early December.  I’ve managed to make most of my deadlines (or to be close enough that I might as well consider them achieved), though I still have a lot left to go and a few new things as well.

I attribute my success to the fact that I took my own advice and got at least one 10-15 minute (or less) quick painting session every day.  If you’ll recall, I also wondered how my plan was going to work out (basically painting in small mini sessions plus longer painting periods), and the verdict is: Great!  I know I’ve said it before, but those quick sessions really add up to be more useful than you might think.

Now on to the minis:

Model: Sisters of Battle Squad

(Games Workshop)

Due date: None

Notes: With the smaller/quick painting sessions, I was able to completely knock out the remainder of getting these squads finished and in the mail (as of about ten days ago).  Though I’m not 100% happy with the way everything turned out on/with them, he’s happy with the pictures and will hopefully be happy when he finally sees them in person.

Status/Progress: Done~!

Model: Soda & Candy for Super Dungeon Explore

(Soda Pop Miniatures)

Due date: 19 December & 23 December

Notes: One of my three painting challenges over at WAMP. It’s also my daughter’s birthday present to go along with the Super Dungeon Explore I got her for Christmas.

Status/Progress: Completed this model in time for her birthday.  In addition, I won my Wamp ladder challenge!   I had asked one of the nice guys over at Wamp (Odinsgrandson, who also happens to own Garden Ninja Studios) for some advice on painting those great anime style eyes as well as some other advice on dealing with chalky looking paint.

Model: Boo! Booty for Super Dungeon Explore

(Soda Pop Miniatures)


Due date: None

Notes: The first of the models from the game that are going to be painted.  My daughter wants to paint one and I’ll be painting the other.  We’re painting together and is really having fun so far.  Unfortunatley (depending on how you look at it) the models are so small that you can really only paint parts of it at a time before needing to set the model down to let everything dry.  Its been a lot of fun painting with her.  While I doubt she’ll ever fully get into my hobbies, its fun doing them with her while it lasts.

Status/Progress: Prepped, primed, wood areas have been basecoated and given a Devlin Mud wash.

Model: Nightmare

(Privateer Press)

Due date: 27 January 2012

Notes: A model I converted a while ago to be jumping/leaping. I’m going to enter this into WAMP’s WAMP II painting contest as well as a regular painting contest there as well. I’d also like to use this in my Cryx army more often and prefer to play with painted models.

Status/Progress: I only recently started working on the Nightmare again.  I dry fitted the torso to the right arm to see if I could just glue the thing together and start painting it, but the angle of the arm would get in the way of being able to paint some of the detail on the torso.  So I set aside the arm again and used straight black ink to go over the right side of the torso (I’m counting on dullcoating to knock off/down the shine).  The paint scheme is going to be straight out of the Cryx book for the most part, though mine will have more greys than just straight black (sounds like a good idea, right?).

Model: Wereshark Pirate

(Reaper Miniatures)

Due date: 3 January 2012

Notes: My third challenge over at WAMP.

Status/Progress: Done!  The ladder challenge is currently being voted on, but I think I’m going to be outdone by my challenger’s wonderful theme.  Feel free to take a look!

Model: Soulhunters

(Privateer Press)


Due date: None (but before TempleCon)

Notes: I want to use a Witch Coven Tier list at TempleCon that allows me to use two units of Soulhunters ’cause I think it will be fun and unexpected.

Status/Progress: I received my second unit of soulhunters and have played with both units.  I recently glued the few loose ones to their bases and numbered them to make them easy to identify.  I need to reattach missing arms and legs and may reprime where necessary.

Model: Darragh Wrathe

(Privateer Press)


Due date: None (but before TempleCon)

Notes: I want to use a Witch Coven Tier list at TempleCon that allows me to use two units of Soulhunters and I want to use Darragh Wrathe in there as well to give at least one unit incorporial.

Status/Progress: I just dont like Darragh’s death pony over all.  I love the head and the ribcage area, but that’s it.  My apologies to whomever the sculptor is, but  I just don’t like it.  So, when I first got it, I chopped it up…..and it has sat in its blister waiting for a replacement.  So after chopping it up, I’ve come to the realization that it just might take more time than I really want to use because Darragh’s lower body is part of the death pony itself (hence the need to chop it up) and if I can’t cut the remaining and make it look good on his new steed (either E-Alexia’s horse or another horse I picked up someplace), then I’m going to modify his unhorsed version to sit on a steed.  Wish me luck, lots and lots of patience and no blood loss.

Model: Carnivean

(Privateer Press)

Due date: None

Notes: This is a gift I started early in the year for a friend in southern California.  Its really close to being finished. Okay, after taking the model off the shelf I had it on, its clearly not even close to being finished, BUT at least the skin is mostly done.

Status/Progress: This past Saturday, I met with a group of friends at my LGS (Huzzah Hobbies) for our first painting session and I was able to do a bit of shading on the big guy.



He’s a three headed dragonspawn, and he’s a crazy model.  I had loads of fun painting the model, and I’m looking forward to painting him for my own army some day.  (He’s currently unassembled in a box.)  This post is mostly mechanical (recipes), since most of my thoughts are reserved for Clash of the Titans.

For those of you living under a rock, this model is for Lost Hemisphere‘s Memory Machine effort to raise funding for Alzheimer’s Disease research.  The army is a 35pt Rhyas Rear Guard Tier4 Theme list, and will be auctioned off at Templecon 2012.  When I heard about the army, I offered to help G’daybloke, and he charged me with painting the warbeasts in the army, Typhon and a Nephilim Protector.

I started Typhon with a black undercoat.  From there…

Skin: (P3)Bloodstone -> (P3)Khador Red -> (P3)Khador Red Highlight -> (GW)Gryphonne Sepia Wash
Chitin: (P3)Beaten Purple -> (GW)Hormagaunt Purple (stripes) -> (GW)Leviathan Purple Wash -> (GW)Hormagaunt Purple (stripes) -> (P3)Frostbite (edge stripes)
Mouth: (P3)Frostbite -> (GW)Baal Red Wash -> (GW)Gryphonne Sepia Wash
Teeth: (P3)Menoth White Base -> (P3)Menoth White Highlight -> (GW)Skull White
Head Sensors: (P3)Exile Blue -> 50/50 (P3)Exile Blue, (GW)Ice Blue -> (GW)Ice Blue

I used a Windsor & Newton Series 7 #1 for the entire project.  Love that brush.

Anyway, enough words.  Pictures!

So, I’m lame and have been spending all my time painting instead of writing tutorials for you.  I have some cool ones coming up soon, I promise.  Here’s a quick list of what I have in the pipes:

  • Plastic Kodiak
  • Cinerators -> Bastions
  • Magnetizing the Legion Heavy Warbeast Kit & Proteus (once it releases in Feb).
  • Brass Rodding Cataphract Banners

So, instead, I’m stealing content from a good friend and local player, Ron.  Go check out his review of the CMON Ultimate Miniatures Painting Guide.  I’m thinking I may pick it up myself.