6 comments on “Product Review: Dragon Forge Designs

  1. Nice! I really like the DFD bases. I think the ones you’ve chosen for your Angry Elves will look great on your models.


    • Yeah, they look fantastic. Bases aren’t my favorite thing, and I’d much rather have the spare time for painting, so these will be prefect for me.


  2. I agree the statue ones are perfect the Ret. I have a few pre-made base inserts that are okay but those are really nice. Can’t afford to buy any bases, plus would rather use the money on models…. however I am going to start making my own custom bases and casting them. I should have them by the time the next league comes along.


  3. Hehe, welcome to the Dark Side. Maybe a third of my bases during the league were hand done, but the rest were good ol’ precast resin. Dragon Forge is nice, haven’t used any yet, mostly because Game Parlor never stocked any, but I got almost their entire stock of Dark Age and MicroArts Studio bases and inserts. I’m almost out of them, too, so maybe it’s time to get a hold of some of these.


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