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Foodmachine is all about donating food and having a fun time.  This was my first year running a Foodmachine Tournament, and I took the opportunity to make some fun trophies for my players.

Here’s what I used:

A $1 wooden thingy from Michael’s Hobby Center

1 small base

1 Agonizer from Dominar Rasheth’s model

1 $0.79 can of Tomato paste

1 piece of plastic cutlery.

The first thing to do is prepare the bases to hold the models.  These Agonizers have very little contact area with whatever they would stand on, probably because there is supposed to be three of them, not just one.

To cover the slot in the base, I used masking tape.  Use a fingernail to press it into the inner ring, then use a hobby knife to cut away the excess.

After that, pin the models to their bases.

Also, cut away the little tabs n the top of the models, and file them flat.  Two have the rectangular tabs, and the third has a dome / ball shaped tab.

Take each piece of cutlery and find where it balances.  Score up that area, on the bottom part of the cutlery.  Also score the top of the Agonizers.  Then, use lots of superglue to glue the cutlery to the Agonizer.

While those are drying, take a spare small base, and use it as a stencil to draw a circle on the top of each can of Tomato Paste.  Score the inside of this circle, to give the superglue something to grab on to.

Spray paint each agonizer held piece of cutlery with an appropriate color.  In this case, I went with gold on the knife, silver on the fork, and bronze on the spoon.  That way, the sharpest utensil goes to the winner, next sharpest to second place, and the dull spoon to third.

At the same time, spray paint the wooden bases with black.

When everything’s said and done, glue it all together!

For the plaques, I just printed out the Foodmachine 2012 logo, and used clear packing tape to stick it onto the wooden base.  I then hit the entire thing with a heavy coat of gloss varnish.

The event raised over 300 cans of food for the hungry, and resulted in some pretty happy Warmachine players!

Howdy!  Here’s Mugu to discuss all his current projects, and his goals about getting them done.  

My painting desk is never short on models that are in various stages of progress. To make matters worse (and to keep myself motivated) I like to do painting challenges such as the slow-grow league we had here not long ago and currently over at the WAMP painting site, not to mention the upcoming holdiay and TempleCon.

While I’m not currently planning on signing up for any of the tournaments at TempleCon (I’m planning on spending my time in the casual play Iron Arena) I do prefer to play with painted models. So have I set myself up for failure?!?! Perhaps…..but we’ll see how things come along.

Before I get to the models in my current painting que, I do want to say that I’m going to be taking my own advice and really try to get those 10-15 minute (or less) spots of time spent painting. I’m also going to try to make some kind of plan to the madness. But “Wait!”, you say!? How can you have a plan when you paint in small bursts and some longer periods?!? Good question. I’m going to use The Plan as my guide and see how it goes, but remember that the small painting bursts aren’t meant to replace longer periods of painting, only to supplement them. Now on to The Plan:

Model: Sisters of Battle Squad

(Games Workshop)

Sisters of Battle, not the SOB's you're thinking of

Due date: None

Notes: I started this as a favor to my good friend Ken earlier this year…..and totally flubbed the due date as I got in over my head with other painting projects and moving into my new house.  Hmmm, am I heading into another flubbed date?  I hope not.

Status/Progress: I need to paint their hair and backpacks and make a base for one of the models.

Model: Soda & Candy for Super Dungeon Explore

(Soda Pop miniatures)

Candy & Cola

Due date: 19 December & 23 December

Notes: One of my three painting challenges over at WAMP. It also is my daughter’s birthday present to go along with the Super Dungeon Explore I got her for Christmas.

Status/Progress: Not started, need to wash, take off any mold lines, and prime. I’m probably going to follow the colors in the Super Dungeon Explore rulebook.

Model: Nightmare

(Privateer Press)

Yeah, my nightmares leave me in pieces too....

Due date: 27 January 2012

Notes: A model I converted a while ago to be jumping/leaping. I’m going to enter this into WAMP’s WAMP II painting contest as well as a regular painting contest there as well. I’d also like to use this in my Cryx army more often and prefer to play with painted models.

Status/Progress: Prepped, primed, basecoated, and I’ve done some of the painting on it already. I want to add tenticles coming out of the grate and cobblestones around the grate as well.

Model: Wereshark Pirate

(Reaper Miniatures)

So who eats him when he walks the plank?

Due date: 3 January 2012

Notes: My third challenge over at WAMP.

Status/Progress: I need to look through my models that has one with an animal for this challenge.  This (other than the odd bat and spider) is the closest I have to an animal for this challenge (Animal is the theme).

Model: Soulhunters

(Privateer Press)

::sigh:: So much unpainted undead flesh

Due date: None (but before TempleCon)

Notes: I want to use a Witch Coven Tier list at TempleCon that allows me to use two units of Soulhunters ’cause I think it will be fun and unexpected.

Status/Progress: I painted up one soulhunter a while ago and had the rest of the unit for just as long. I got a second unit through some trading over at Bartertown recently.

Model: Carnivean

(Privateer Press)

With hands that big, I bet he's into lots of point hugs

Due date: None

Notes: This is a gift I started early in the year for a friend in southern California.  Its really close to being finished. Okay, after taking the model off the shelf I had it on, its clearly not even close to being finished, BUT at least the skin is mostly done.

Status/Progress: I need to paint the scales and mouth, permenantly attach it to its base (or not, depending on if I think it can survive shipping intact) and add snow to the base as well.

What do you have on your painting table?

There’s nothing worse than seeing a nice paint job ruined by a mold line.  Despite the fact that this hobby centers around monsters, elves, robots and magic, when it comes to the actual models, realism is the goal.  Mold lines defeat that by reminding us that these are, in fact toys.  Shame on them!

Rather than re-invent the wheel and try to write a How-to, I scoured the youtubes for some videos discussing model prep.  Like painting, words and pictures only go so far, so Videos are the best way to show some of these techniques.  Here’s the best of what I found.

I’ve also had a huge influx of folks that are brand new to the hobby, so all sorts of good questions have come up, like: How do I “pin” a model?  For that sort of thing, check out this video, which covers the subject beautifully.

Lastly, I’m one of those people who pin everything.  I also hate having to base around those big tabs all the models have on their feet.  So, I usually cover the slot in my base, build them however I want, and then pin my models to my base.  I’ve covered this before.

That said, I just have too many projects, and basing isn’t my favorite part of modeling.  So, I’ve invested in Dragon Forge resin bases for my next three armies.  Since my regular “pin through, then bend tabs over” method won’t work for resin bases (because there’e no empty space underneath).  Instead, I’ll be doing something like this:

I hope these helped!  Ciao.

Finished up the Reeve Hunter for the PG Exchange. Overall, a very fun model to paint.  I’m incredibly happy with how the leather turned out, as well as the wood grain on the crossbow stock.