14 comments on “Battle Report: Hexeris vs Venethrax @ 35pts

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  2. Egads! That is awesome terrain! Hopefully we can have that Terrain day he was trying to set up next year so we can hook up our tables at the LGS.

    Almost all the pics show a tidal wave of Cryx, what a nightmare!


  3. Nice game. A thought tough, Black ogrun units are medium bases and should therefor not be able to drag a large base heavy warbeast.

    Very nice report. I hope you post some more in the future 🙂


    • Yeah, that was mentioned on the PP forums, too. Something neither Mark nor I caught, but now I’ll remember that for the future.

      Glad you enjoyed the report, and there will definitely be more, likely one or two a month.


  4. Great batrep, I was doing some research about Venethrax vs my Epic Hexeris list and this gives me a good idea of what to expect if I see him at a tournament. eHexy’s tier takes four AGs and an
    extoller so it’s probably a bad matchup with soul harvester. Maybe Xerxis and cannoneers.


    • Thanks! Venethrax is just nasty against Hordes, as well as anything that uses souls. That means AGs, Extollers, Marketh, etc all get their legs cut out from under them. If Venethrax takes anything themey, you’re also fighting Tough infantry.

      A Xerxis brick might give that sort of list trouble. I’m not really sure what to do.


  5. Mark, the cryx player here. Yeah, I kinda flubbed the Black Ogrun dragging the gladiator. Been to used to using the reapers and malice and didn’t even think about the base size restriction untill I was driving home. My main question was why he ran so far forward early on. I guess if you were trying a tactic, that makes sense.

    The assination run by the cyclops was an oversight on my part. I should have had one of the necrotechs, the corruptor or a blodd gorger infront of Venny to prevent it. That being said, it was pure luck that I didn’t get killed outright by the cyclops.

    I think I used one bile purge the entire game and had about 8 left by the end of the game (kinda of an odd occurance. Part of this was early on I figured charging the black ogrun in to get their souls was more important than giving them to the Skorne.

    PS: I actually had put my list together the night before so this was kind of a random match up for me.


    • The Cyclops wiffed pretty badly if I recall correctly. It was my only shot though – I didn’t have enough of a contingency plan in case that fell through. That list fits the theme requirements, but I’m still unsure how to utilize it into a fighting force.


      • I’d try it against a non-cryx or menoth force just to avoid soul shennanigans. My fielding of Venny, along with the blighted trollkin (tough does hurt that 1st turn feat attempt) put a huge damper on the way your army fuinctions. It goes without saying though against a ranged opponent like a ranged retribution or Cygnar list, you’ll have to really wory about over exposing the warlock.


  6. Enjoyed the battle report! Who ever made that terrain is very talented, he must also be very handsome, smart, funny and the most awesome at everything he does. Your lucky to know someone with that much awesome going on…. hope I get to meet him someday and gaze into his dreamy blue eyes!


    • Indeed, the terrain is fabulous. I still need to seal it though.

      I’m wondering if my wonderful friend who made the terrain would be willing to make some building’s / ruins for me. Perhaps, in exchange for some models?


      • Yes make sure you seal that, Im sorry I didn’t…. er I mean I am sure he is sorry he didn’t have time for that…..Im also sure he would be happy to make some ruined and intact buildings… he is going to make a foam run after the new year I hear. Hope you had a good holiday.


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