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  2. Loved the walk through! I am the one who sent the message over the forums. I’m going to be painting up Retribution using this scheme and to see it broken down helps a ton. Thanks again!


    • Hi Allen!

      I’m glad this will be helpful. Be sure to post up pictures of your Retribution as you paint them!

      If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


      • Quick question. I know what 2:1 means as in Two MM to 1 CP but what is the measurement. 2 brushfulls? or 2 droppers. Just curious as to how you measure out your paints or if it even matters.

        Also since Retribution has those power nodes….what would you suggest for a color on them….more pink? or something else….heck maybe white. I’m open to suggestions.

        And one last question. Your bases look awesome yet seem to be simple in painting. How did you do those rocks? Thanks again!


        • Measuring Paint:
          I usually measure in brushfulls. I’ve tried droppers, but I always felt like I was wasting paint since so much gets left behind in the dropper. Really, the method doesn’t matter so long as the result is achieved.

          Remember, the painting part of the hobby is art. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should be consistent. That’s why I mixed up a large batch of the middle layer – it gave me the mid point between my base and final highlight, which helps me maintain the mixtures a bit. In the end, go with what looks good and feels right.

          Well, I’m a firm believer that a scheme needs two primary colors, and then a minor accent color. Here I’m playing the bright pink against the black, and the gold is my tertiary accent color.

          What are you pairing with the pink? What’s your accent color?

          They’re thin cork I got at Michael’s, it came in a roll. I just tear it up and stack two layers on the base, using superglue. I then put superglue between the cork and the rim, and flock it with model railroad sand (I use a mix of fine, medium and coarse, roughly 3:2:1).

          Then it gets a coat of black primer. A heavy drybrush of Citadel Codex Grey gets most of the stone its color, and then I pick out the rubble and edges of the large stones with a drybrush of Citadel Foundation Astronomicon Grey. The last thing is to paint the rim Chaos Black for that dark, rich black rim.

          I plan to use Citadel snow to put snow on them, but I’m paranoid I’ll mess it up, so I’m going to make a test base to try it out first.


  3. Was this helpful?

    Yes. I think any insight into how people paint is helpful – moreso with a color than can be tricky to pull off well as you have done.

    How can I improve this type of walk-through?

    Nothing that I can think of. Maybe with more tricky or detailed models there might be room for improvement or maybe with other painting techniques, but I think this one was great.

    What else would you like to see done like this?

    😀 Everything else you paint! I love painting write-ups and how-to’s. Though I can understand how cutting and pasting would quickly get old & redundant. Then maybe just a how-to on the areas that you’re painting different on models that are the same (more or less).


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