7 comments on “Butcher vs Strakov @ 35pts

  1. Lots of fun to read. I think Ron may have been better served not spending so much of his forces to attack Yuri. While you can’t ignore Yuri or the manhunters, I think the amount of models could have been better used attacking other things perhaps.


    • I think there were a few things that went wrong. The Great Bears missed killing the Kodiak by about half an inch. Had they run the first turn, they would have obliterated it. Also, Ron’s dice abandoned him, his models just could not land a hit or deal any damage when they did. The IFP missed two 2-man CRAs on DEF 14 Yuri, and Torch failed to do any damage with his attacks once he got stuck in combat.

      We need to get Ron new dice, but overall, he had a good strategy, and stuck it out until the end. He definitely made me work for it!


  2. Yes, I have that dice problem a lot it seems. 😛 I had to laugh though as I had this mental image of torch looking at his ripsaw in confusion after not causing any damage. 🙂


    • Oh, forgot to add that I really wanted to say that Ron’s attitude of sticking it out, never giving up, and making you work for the win really says a lot about him and is what I like about everyone I’ve played so far in Warmachine, its that Page 5 attitude.


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