6 comments on “Shocktroopers: Plastic vs Metal

  1. I can’t wait to get to work on mine. The new models are really fantastic. I will have to do a Butcher list at Tier 4 just so I can fit in the three different types of Shock Troopers!


    • His tier list is fantastic. Also, Bombardiers help shore up his last of ranged ‘jacks, so I’ll probably try out a version of his theme list with Bombardiers walking up behind Shocktroopers…


  2. How do the new ‘troopers compare size-wise to the old ones? It looks like the new are a big bigger/bulkier, is that right? Great write-up, thanks for the comparison!


  3. Has i really been 5 years since these came out? I have all metal version and I have to say I like them better. I like the shields better and when you call out the larger rivets, they seem more cartoony to me they are so large. All the details seem more cartoony to me. If resin/plastic is supposed to hold so much better detail, why did they dumb down the details? if they are making 3D renderings, isn’t it that much easier to copy and paste a bunch of rivets on a model? Does it make the mold harder or more expensive to mfr?

    Thanks for your pics, they are extremely helpful as I bodge the parts from the new (finally!!) Man-o-war Kapitan command attachment, a MOW shock trooper and maybe the Kovnik. We’ll see how it goes.


    • Sounds like an interesting project! I’m excited to see the new Man-O-War UA side-by-side with the plastics. Let me know how your kitbash turns out?


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