4 comments on “Pink Demo Corp!

  1. I have to say that I hate that damnable dog! I was playing someone else who’d used him and he did his job well by stopping my assasination run in its tracks. Yuri is nice and I tend to spend way too much time trying to kill him in games i’ve played where he’s been on the table.


    • He’s fantastic! He saved the Butcher from a Daughter of the flame last night, but didn’t quite take out the second one on my turn.

      Yuri will kill whatever he gets in contact with, but I had trouble getting him in range of anything. Everything runs from him… Unfortunately, that made my opponent channel his entire army down my middle, and a singe line of MoW couldn’t quite hold the line. I think he’ll do much better with a pair of manhunters in tow – much more imposing, and you can’t just send one solo off to take care of him.


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