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  1. It is always interesting to read about how other people go about setting time aside and what their hobby areas are like. I use a Large Corner Desk for my paint station and try to paint early in the morning before the days distractions get the better of me.


  2. Actually, I was thinking it was a shame we can’t imbed pictures in our replies as I too like to see what people’s work areas are like (I’m strange that way!). If I have a bit of time in the mornings before heading off to work, I like to get some brush time too. Its extra nice because its just the cats and myself, so very quiet (at least once the cats have been given their morning sacraface) and a great time to get a little painting in.


      • Nice to know you’ve come out of the closet. 😉 Really though, do you work out of that desk you put together that I saw a few pictures of a long while ago?


        • Harr, harr. The closet was at the old apartment in Pentagon City. Now that we’re in a 2-bedroom condo, we have an office where I have a normal computer desk and that hand-made one. The handmade one is mainly a staging and photo area, since I usually work in front of a TV show or movie.


  3. I’ve taken over half of our dining table. It’s lined with newspaper and a lamp for some extra light. All my models and stuff are tucked away into that little corner, out of sight.


    • Forgot to mention…my thing is that I am just slow at the moment, so I need to set aside at least an hour at a time in order to get anything done, lest I have a situation like my Torch that has taken well over two weeks now to finish due to life getting in the way.


  4. @Ron – Two weeks really isn’t that slow IMHO. Of course that depends greatly person to person. In a way I find warjacks much quicker to paint than troops, solos, warcasters, etc, etc, as warjacks usually have less small details/fiddly bits to paint up. I also think that once you get several warjacks under your painting belt, you’ll probably have a system on how you paint your warjacks that will allow you to speed up your painting somewhat. That’s been my experience with Cryx warjacks in any case. I do have to say that your models look great, however long you spend on them! Have you had a chance to try out any of the basing materials that you got from me?

    Your comment did bring something else to mind, I know when I usually sit down to paint, I have a goal in mind, ie, “I’m going to finish all the highlighting on this bonejack tonight.” With the 10-20 minutes here and there, it allows me to have no end goal, just more of a “okay, the scrap thrall needs armor wash on its metalics” and do that and then maybe one or two more small things if I’m lucky, almost never anything where I have a bigger end goal in mind.


    • Yes indeed! I’ve used it for Eiryss, pButcher, and a bit for Strakhov. Thanks again! And thanks for the compliments!


      • My pleasure and remind me to check out your minis the next time we’re there together. I reallly want to see what you did with your bases.


  5. As a wedding gift we got some new furniture for our apartment, so now I have a big hobby table/desk that I can spread out on. It’s “me territory”, and my wife has said that I can leave it as messy as I want… so all my miniatures and paint tend to get scattered all over. That makes it a little easier to get set up and painting.


    • That’s kind of my wife’s take on me having the computer desk to use as my painting/modeling area. Her only requirement is that I don’t leave the water pot with water in it as the cats like to use it as a secondary water dish when they think no one is looking. :Þ

      Do you think that you paint or model more now than before you had your own area?


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